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Tuesday, July 23rd, PDT 1AM                                      Board flight 873 to Hong Kong

Thursday, July 25th, CST                                              Arrive 6AM, Hong Kong

Friday, July 26th, CST                                                  Leave for Guangdong

Sunday July 28th, CST                                                  Guangzhou

Monday July 29th, CST                                                Fly to Guilin

Tuesday July 30th CST                                                 Li River Cruise and fly to Xian

Wednesday July 31st     - August 2nd                            Xian

Friday August 2nd – August 5th                                    Beijing

Monday August 5th                                                       Fly to Guangzhou

Monday August 5th – August 7th                                   Guangzhou

Wednesday August 7th – August 9th                              Hong Kong

Friday August 9th                                                          Fly back home. Arrive 2PM Friday August 9th






Grandpa – John Hall, Lorraine’s dad, and the leader and instigator of the group.

Dai Bok – John Hall, Uncle John. Grandpa’s brother, another John. Stayed in Guangzhou, while we toured the rest of China

Auntie Rose – Rose Gee, Grandpa’s second cousin. Stayed in Guangzhou to visit her sister, while we toured the rest of China

Pat and Josephine Hall – One pair of 4 parents. Pat is the middle brother of the Hall kids.

David and Lorraine Leong – The other pair of parents, and your faithful scribe. Lorraine is the youngest of the Hall kids

Barnaby and Karma Hall – The oldest of the Grandkids, children of Terry and Lil Hall

Trond and Bernadette Hall – Children of Pat and Josephine

Stephanie and Michael Leong – Children of Dave and Lorraine


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