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The week of August 9, 2002, PST

Home at Last, and a week of Jet Lag


Getting only 2 hours sleep, turned out to be not so terrible after all. It felt pretty normal to be at an autocross all day, as if we had never been away. I wasnít even very tired that night. I was beginning to think this Jet Lag thing was not all it was cracked up to be. Reality hit, however, when we did not wake up until 5pm the next day. We missed most of the things we had planned for the day, and awoke just in time for a dinner engagement. In the days that followed, our adventures in China are becoming more distant, and falling asleep in the middle of the day, has become our norm. Michael slept for 19 hours one day, but he is anxious to return, and would be happy to go back today, if he could. I think Stephanie likes being home, and could go a few lifetimes before doing this again.


The rest of us are just trying to get our clocks back in order, and engaging in all of the things that kept us busy before we stepped aside for a moment of time. Itsí been a week now, and we still have the last lingerings of Jet Lag in our systems, but I expect them to be gone very soon.


It was an adventure none of us will ever forget, and I know I accomplished some goals that I had given up on many years ago. It feels pretty good. As we fall back into our home routines, of work, Aís and Raiders, TV, movies, etc., itís hard to believe that onlya few days ago, we were hacking our way through the jungles of Guangdong, getting our feet massaged, and scaling the Great Wall.


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