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Tuesday, August 6, 2002, CST

Day 13, Lunch with Auntie Sum, and the Night Zoo


We reluctantly awoke after the late night, but not as late as our hosts, as they had to spend all night at the airport waiting for us, and then after dropping us off at our hotel, make their way back to their homes for a short rest before meeting us again.We were on our way to the Yingzhou park, which was a working modern fruit farm, designed as a demonstration and u-pick farm.On the way, we called my Auntie Sum, to see if she would be free on short notice to join us, and I was delighted to find out she was available, so we met her on the way.


This farm grew a large variety of products, including Star Fruit, Persimmons, bananas, and their specialty, dragon eyes.We had a nice stroll through the grounds, looking at all of the different fruits in various stages of ripeness, and the u-catch fish in the ponds. It was a pretty fun time picking and eating the dragon eyes and not too hot. After the farm, we drove to Panyu, which is one of the 3 counties that make up Sam Yup, for lunch, where we tested more exotics, such as turtle, and snake. The snake was a big hit. Tasted like, what else, chicken.After the drive back to Gaungzhou, we said goodbye to Auntie Sum, andheaded to the lab. Given the choice between more shopping and high speed internet, the internet won out. All the kids spent the afternoon crowded around the computer.


For dinner, we headed back to Panyu, and the same restaurant to catch the exotics we missed at lunch.This time we had crocodile and camel.The camel did not taste like chicken, unless you count rubber ones. We took our time eating dinner, because we were waiting for dark to fall, as our next activity was a visit to the largest night zoo in the world.The Chime-Long night Zoo, specializes in showing itsí animals at night, when they are most active, and natural. They offer a mixture of Marine World type acts, with some pretty cool acrobatics, tight rope, water-skiing, and horsemanship. The second half is the animals, in a safari type atmosphere, where they are free roaming, for the most part, and we tour in shuttles. We saw lions, flying squirrels, pandas, and sloths.


It was a pretty sleepy ride back to the hotel.



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